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What is this stuff about? May 27, 2011

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This blog is all about my desire to share my experiences and fascination with the Samsung Galaxy Tab in particular and Devices with Android OS in general.

I will share with you  the amazing stuff that I have discovered with this OS and the devices carrying it. I am particularly fascinated and hooked to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and its iterations because I have seen in it the stuff close enough to rival the fantastic features and capability of the Apple iPad and its own OS.

I was once very biased with Apple and I refused to check out Google’s Android because being a long time user of apple’s gadgets, I believed that what everybody said about the Android is purely hype.When the buzz got too loud, I finally gave in and bought a cheap MID android device to see what’s in it that make people talk about. The cheap MID tablet’s performance is actually horrible but I saw the useful stuff inside its OS.

So out I went and bought he Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 and boy I was immediately hooked. All my doubts and reservations about the Android OS were immediately swept away.

The second generation of the Galaxy tab is on its way to the stores here in the Philippines and I can’t wait to buy one. I’m passing the 7″ tab to my wife so I will enjoy the new Galaxy tab in its 10″ glory. That thing will be the very first gadget review that I will post in this site so watch out for it.